MY 2018 – 2019

During the 2018-2019 season, I will continue to explore what has fascinated me for the past 20 years—the many facets of Argentine tango, ranging from its most technical to its most emotionally expressive aspects in everything from the most traditional to the most modern forms of the dance.

Short biografy

Openness and connection. If you had to pick two words to summarize Maria Filali’s personal and professional career, these would fit.
A connection between dance and other body-centered disciplines.
A connection between Argentine tango and other arts, including theater, opera, film, video, and contemporary dance.
And a connection with internationally renowned partners.

A closer look at my career


Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I lived in several countries, including Poland, Morocco, Austria, and Sweden. This experience primed me to be curious, eager to tackle the unknown, and open to others. My professional career is an extension of how I grew up: I continue to build bridges between the cultures and methods of expression that are a part of my life.