Pic by N. Noto, with A.Lumia

TANGO Teacher

What fascinates me the most as a teacher is how emotion intersects with consciousness and clear-cut knowledge.

Being aware that our perceptions inevitably fluctuate in the moment of improvisation, the main challenge during the learning process is to not separate the integration of abstract concepts from the emotions and sensations that the student will have to deal with on the dance floor.

If the connection between these two poles has not been established during learning, I believe that they can cancel each other out:

The result is either a pointless and egotistical dance that lacks any personal expression, or a dance that is completely governed by emotion and not functional, because the student is not able to access their technique in a situation of improvisation.

So how can we combine STRUCTURE with EMOTION ?

How can we pair an objective (mechanical) approach with the subjective and unique nature of each individual’s perception?
I believe that dancing means adjusting our state of consciousness
A blend between knowing “WHAT TO DO” and knowing “HOW TO BE”.
A blend between “HOW do I do this?” and “WHY do I do this?”
A blend between CONTROL and RELEASE.

The challenge for me as a teacher is to help the person to create his/her own “dancing body”. Someone who is whole, balanced, and consistent, in equal parts organized and lucid as well as sensitive and instinctual.

Only then poetry can appear.