My 2018 – 2019

During the 2018-2019 season, I will continue to explore what has fascinated me for the past 20 years—the many facets of Argentine tango, ranging from its most technical to its most emotionally expressive aspects in everything from the most traditional to the most modern forms of the dance.

Between 2014 and the summer of 2018, I started a tango partnership with Gianpiero Galdi. We took on an incredible artistic, educational, and human adventure that included tours to every corner of the world. We will perform in a few international festivals in 2018-2019 before we leave behind this strong collaboration and move on to new experiences and encounters.

Through my collaborations as an artist and teacher, my work this year will be dedicated to fostering transitions and, now more than ever, helping to bring different worlds together:
– I’m happy to go on developing my tango on a dance level with several outstanding partners.
– I will continue to offer women’s technique workshops in Paris and abroad.
– In Paris, as part of the Elles du Tango (Ladies of Tango) Series, I will open the floor to four exceptional dancers and teachers that I admire. I will lead a full weekend’s worth of workshops and demos with each of them: Diego Riemer (El Pájaro), Eloy Souto, Octavio Fernandez, and Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh.

Because each of these dancers represents a different facet of modern tango, these encounters are sure to be fantastic learning opportunities for all participants—me included, which I couldn’t be more excited about!

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I’m currently working on a new video entitled “Sweet Pain—Murmuration” and directed by Elodie Weis and Yoann Belingard. This work features the artistic talents of Jean Gaudin and the dancer René Bui.
I’m delighted to once again have the opportunity to collaborate with the Compagnie de la Porte au Trèfle. I will be choreographing several moments of dance in their latest performance, “La Guerre des Roses”.


Finally, this year will give me the opportunity to tackle a project that holds a special place in my heart. After 18 years of consistent and intensive practice of the Gyrotonic method, I’m becoming a certified instructor of this technique in addition to teaching and dancing Argentine tango

I never stop trying to grow and learn, all while never losing sight of the cultural roots of Argentine tango and its true nature as a dance between two partners. At the same time, I’m also fascinated with its more modern aspects and consider it a universal language before all else.
As a result, I make sure my personal and professional life continues to align with what I believe to be the heart of the matter: creating an authentic connection with others and being an exceptional teacher and artist.